Berlin Hyp „room21“

Dynamic and innovative tunable white office lighting with SL 20.2 LED by Luxsystem provides an environment promoting cooperation and creativity.

Berlin Hyp with its headquarters in Berlin is one of Germany's largest mortgage banks.

As part of a corporate development project the bank opened "room21" featuring a 300 m² highly innovative meeting space successfully integrated into their more standardised working spaces.

Mobile furniture modules and convertible room zones featuring dynamic controls ensure that individual areas are fully adaptable to the needs of a futuristic networked dynamic workspace.

The architecture firm q:arc provided the interior design, lighting concept, and successful implementation of the project.

With HADLER Luxsystem linear SL 20.2 LED tunable white lighting solution, a unique, contemporary puristic lighting design could be implemented. Several square iconic forms provide excellent general lighting, but also offer the opportunity to dynamically adapt the lighting scenarios to specific needs.

Flicker free smooth dimming with adjustable intensity and colour temperature characteristics dynamically define the room and its various materials, surfaces and colours. Luxsystem SL 20.2 linear LED luminaires can ensure optimal lighting performance for nearly any situation.

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Property owner
Berlin Hyp, Berlin

q:arc Architektur | Design
Jakubeit & Rapp Partner
Architekten mbB, Berlin

Light planning
q:arc Architektur | Design
Jakubeit & Rapp Partner
Architekten mbB, Berlin


Luminaire type
SL 20.2 LED