Business Campus Garching

A unique combination of products from Luxsystem and Gessler provides secure and linear emergency lighting in the staircases at the Garching Business Campus.

The building blocks for tomorrow’s success are laid today at the Business Campus in Garching near Munich.

Thousands of employees work in a multifunctional office and service park on an area of approx. 250,000 m2. Renowned companies such as BMW, Bosch or Harman Becker, research institutes, wholesale and service companies are located here in the attractive, park-like surroundings.

The buildings planned and built by DV Plan and the DV Immobilien Group were fitted with optimally illuminated emergency exits to safely leave the building in case of an emergency.

A holistic lighting solution comprising the Luxsystem LED luminaires and the Sibelon emergency lighting system from Gessler plays an important role indoors.

Around 1,000 SL 20.2 DALI LED luminaires for staircase lighting from Luxsystem not only provide a holistic linear and minimalistic impression, they also work as emergency lighting.

The main highlight is that luminaires for general lighting are usually fitted with an external address module.

The major advantage of the Luxsystem luminaires is that the technology, particularly the DALI interface, is already integrated into the LED luminaire, in this case 20.2.

This enables the Luxsystem luminaires to be regulated via the Sibelon DALI emergency lighting system in an emergency. However, during normal operation, the emergency lighting is controlled by the general lighting of Luxsystem. This avoids any unattractive impressions in the architecture of the Garching Business Campus. The luminaires (5000 K) were delivered pre-programmed to the customer, DV Plan GmbH, and meet all safety requirements for buildings. The technical specifications are regulated in national and international standards and provisions.

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Property owner
Business Campus Garching

DV Plan GmbH, Regensburg

Light planning
DV Plan GmbH, Regensburg


Luminaire type
SL 20.2 LED