LED-Luminaires Blog

Dear visitors of our page "led-luminaires.com", we are pleased that you have followed the path on led-luminaires.com.

As a manufacturer of lighting electronics and LED lights, we are interested in providing a platform for our customers' numerous great projects and making project information available also to stimulate dialogue. Of course, we also want to show what our products can do on this blog. But the primary focus is on the needs of our architects and planners. With this platform, we would also like to answer the questions that our customers repeatedly have in the selection and planning process, and respond to problems that concern them.

The blog as a digital employee

Unfortunately, we, that is, our field and office staff, cannot be everywhere at all times. And our customers don't want to make an appointment or pick up the phone for every question. This blog should bundle the knowledge and inspiration for our product range and should therefore be available around the clock.

Of course, personal contact with our planners is extremely important to us and we look forward to a lively personal exchange in the future! But some information can be explained particularly effectively and directly using videos, images and texts.

All the planning aids that we want to offer on our blog in the future would go beyond the scope of a printed brochure. And it would be difficult to keep them up to date. In the past, a thick brochure might have been printed for this purpose and distributed to customers - today, in the Internet age, this can happen much more dynamically in a blog.

After all, we want to build a knowledge database that continues to grow. Not only about our products, but also about lighting design and lighting technology itself. We want to make our know-how available to our customers in a simple and understandable way.

With a digital format, we can also respond to current questions and trends much faster. From millimeter-precise light to human centric lighting to RGBW lighting or our new workplace lamp.

These formats are planned

We plan to prepare the contributions in such a way that our planners can use them as best as possible, depending on the requirements: That means there will be videos, but also text contributions. Videos are helpful for content that can best be explained and understood visually. Text contributions can be read at your own speed.

Basically, there are three main topics.

First, the „How-To“ category. This means instructions that give the planner immediate help for self-help. For example, to understand the lights, to select the right types or as tips for easy installation.

In the "Light Know-How" category, we would like to share our knowledge of lighting design and lighting technology in general. How do I recognize a high quality LED luminaire or how do I choose the right light color.

Finally, the “Inspirations” section should be a playground for good ideas about our products. We would like to show you the diversity our portfolio offers. There will be project reports for a wide variety of applications - of course with a lot of visual material.

Added benefit for creative people and visitors

Led-luminaires.com should give our great planning partners a platform, thanks to their creativity our products really come into their own. They show us again and again what is possible with our products. Thanks to the link on our website and large numbers of visitors, all exhibitors benefit with increased visibility.

In concrete terms, we also envisage additional benefits. B. for a project from a Luxsystem luminaire a new design solution. The designer can now present this lamp on LED-luminaires.com and continue to market it in this way. He can then decide whether he manufactures the lights himself or has them manufactured externally, e.g. B. via HADLER.

In this way, LED-luminaires.com essentially shows unique pieces that are not available anywhere else on the market. This is where the potential customer finds implementations and resulting products that are not off-the-shelf and always offer something special.

I hope you enjoy discovering it!
Yours Andreas Hadler