Lines of light from Luxsystem LED Luinaires – provide lighting for living and dining areas

In private living areas, distinguishing lighting aspects for dining and living areas are often underappreciated.

Individual planning is especially needed when the transitions from room to room are fluid and open. In the case of new builds in particular, the style of the house should also be continuously taken into account throughout the lighting planning.

With a consistent and coordinated lighting of the exterior and interior, a house appears much more inviting and pleasant.

A client from northern Hesse implemented an impressive solution for his living and dining areas. An 8m long linear lighting solution crosses through the dining area and into the living room.

The SL 20.3 in silver with diffuser was selected as ceiling illuminaition. It is particularly well suited for general lighting tasks while also providing cohesion between the interior and exterior lighting scheme. Actually defining the individual light experiences. The additional accent lighting in the kitchen area and living room were realized with spotlighting.

Optical disruptiveness be minimized with Luxsystem LED luminanires as each features ist own integrated Luxtronic state-of-the-art technologies.

“Light is so much more than just lamps. As a luminaire manufacturer, we were very happy to provide unique support to clients and their indiviual considerations, ”says Samet Albayrak,who is leading the team responsible for the Luxsystem luminaires at HADLER GmbH.

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SL 20.3 LED