RGBW window lighting

Corporate Lighting with the HADLER LED Luminaire SL 20.2 LED Windows

Previously known primarily for use indoors, Luxsystem has now ventured into the facade: installed in a 4-paned window, the SL 20.2 LED light line now provides effective advertising lighting effects outdoors and indoors. The system consisting of window, RGBW luminaire and optional shading element is particularly easy to maintain and flexible in the combination of components.

The window lighting system consists of only three basic components: a triple-glazed window with a fourth, hinged attachment window, the Luxsystem SL 20.2 LED luminaire and a room-side control unit. The fourth, optional component is a shading element that can serve as a reflection surface for the (coloured) light at night. The advantage of the hinged window construction is obvious: luminaire and shading element get much less dirty and can be conveniently maintained from inside the room.

Effektbeleuchtung Fenster Corporate Lighting RGBW Leuchte Luxsystem
Corporate Lighting RGBW Leuchte Luxsystem
Effektbeleuchtung LED Beleuchtung Corporate Lighting RGBW Leuchte Luxsystem
LED Beleuchtung für Fenster und Fassadensysteme Luxsystem
LED Beleuchtung Effektbeleuchtung Fenster und Fassadensysteme Luxsystem
LED Beleuchtung für Fenster profilintegriert Luxsystem

Plenty of design freedom for corporate lighting ideas in the window area

The modular system gives planners plenty of freedom for their advertising-effective window design. Matt, flat roller blinds are transformed into homogeneously illuminated surfaces in combination with the coloured light. Coloured light on blinds with adjustable slats, on the other hand, creates an exciting pattern of light and shadow that is expressed differently depending on the position of the slats. Frosted glass windows or opalised company logos in the window glass are really made to glow in the dark by the coloured light of Luxsystem LED luminaires! The SL 20.2 LED luminaire made of anodised aluminium profile can be installed in the five standard lengths available - offset to the outside, inside or in the centre of the attachment window, depending on the desired lighting effect.

Intelligent light sources for exact colour locations throughout the entire service life.

Whether corporate lighting in the company colour or dynamically changing light colours as eye-catchers in the dark - the illuminated windows with Luxsystem luminaires are sure to draw the eye to your advertising message! The luminaires can be controlled via all common technologies, for example via DALI uP from HADLER, but also via bus systems or KNX. The high colour rendering of CRI > 95 of the intelligent RGBW light sources guarantees true-colour programming to your individual company colour and a constant lumen package over the entire service life with the same colour location of all light sources of this type.

In addition to the powerful effect lighting, there is another possible use. For example, the lighting can also be used to assess colours etc. in interiors when the light is directed into the room (e.g. in dental laboratories and practices or in galleries).

Brilliant light in a purist design - now also for corporate lighting!